Why Lardo Should be Taking Coconut Oil

When you get to a certain age, the brain lacks some essential oils, which in turn, can lead to various memory illnesses, such as dementia and alzheimers etc.

These illnesses/diseases can easily be reversed with the use of the good old coconut oil:

The long term effects of not supplying the brain with the essential nutrients, tends to lead to the tragic effects of having a lack of reality, lack of any sense, and eventually….becoming Lardo.

Watch as Lardo desperately tries to defend his friend/ex friend and throw the scent off Daniels real identity.

It’s pitiful, but amusing at the same time.

Now, lets take a look at Daniels car….lol

*Credit to Dude For The Screencap:



Next, lets take a look again at Daniels location:


The one on the left is from their old crap-chat that they abandoned, but like idiots, forgot to delete the logs.

And this one is from Daniel losing his head and going on a racist rant because we didn’t pay him any attention for a week or two:


Same ISP, same area, same bloke.

So sorry Lardo, but this place isn’t Scuttlebutts, this place isn’t full of retards, and this place will deal in facts.

So not meaning to burst your bubble Lardo, but i don’t think anybody here will be doing a Google search for your ‘car’.


Tally ho!






2 Thoughts to “Why Lardo Should be Taking Coconut Oil”

  1. WayneFromWestLondon

    epic FAIL once again. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  2. Another fall on his face Fail by the man of a 1000 lies,when will he just choked on cheap meat and fade away. awesome post of a fool and his lies karl.

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