SexyChris: I’m A Gasman (UPDATED)

There’s just no limits when it comes to Chris’ talents, and as we know, his singing is definitely in the top 3 of them. So those of you who have never heard the wonderful vocals that rise smoothly from his angelic lungs, here’s a chance to get an exclusive listen to the upcoming debut release from the one and only SexyChrisWhile.

Full Credit To Babs For The Following Video:


A voice that brings tears to your eyes.


It seems Chris is taking the music world by storm.

I knew this lad was meant for stardom the minute i saw him.

4 Thoughts to “SexyChris: I’m A Gasman (UPDATED)”

  1. The_Maze

    I’m a Gas Man,,, de da de da this is madness, Chris you know you love us.

  2. 666666

    No sure about tears to my eyes it certainly made my ears wanna bleed lol.

  3. Babs

    Brilliant Debut Single And I can’t wait for Chris’s DEBUT ALBUM!!!

    Already Pre-Ordered It!

    PS.What the fuck are you doing there MeNellie? *Pukes*

  4. dave

    Link no longer works what happened to this masterpiece ?

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