Rizzo – Put Me On Your Blogs God Damn It

It’s not uncommon for Jimmy Rizzo to go on a booze induced rant, but after having the banned MeNellie co-hosting on his VL cast, and consequently being shuffled, he, for some odd reason, decides to blame Skittlebutt and ourselves lol.

Oh, and Bubba copped for it too 🙂

Aww, bless him 🙂 I had to laugh though, especially at the end when he started mumbling about “you still use FTP to log in” LMAO.

Good old Jimmy lol.





3 Thoughts to “Rizzo – Put Me On Your Blogs God Damn It”

  1. Neanderthal Man

    Is jimmy Rizzo retarded or what!

    1. Retard Hunter

      Yes, Rizzo is mildly retarded plus he has cabbage hands.

      Who in their right frame of mind orders a 30 stone Nigerian hooker for £160 and doesn’t even get a BJ from her (lol) only a retard like Rizzo.

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