JackieLee Upsets Scruffy

JackieLee was back on VL today after her little trip away to see her family. But it didn’t take her long to rub the Scruff up the wrong way.



For a moment there, i thought Scruffy was doing one of her infamous trolls. But, no, she really didn’t come back 🙂

I honestly can’t believe that a grown woman would behave in such a childish way? Jackie made a very valid point when talking about the VIP’s and trying to cancel them. How many people have had trouble trying to cancel their VIP payments from Vaughn? A couple even ended up banned from the site altogether, although if we are to be totally fair, we don’t know the full story behind those, so we’ll leave that there.

But would you seriously want the the Vaughn’s, or more to the point, trust the Vaughn’s, with having all your details? Name, address, contact numbers, knowing how they react should you fall out with them for some reason in the future.

I can see where Jackie is coming from on this one. And even if you trust them completely, just what exactly are you getting your money?


That’s right, absolutely nothing that you can’t get for free ( except the VIP badge of course).

You can follow the instructions here and never ever get any adverts, no video ads, no ‘bandwidth exceeded’ messages on any casts, all for free.

I suppose the Vaughn’s can say ‘well you are supporting the site’ but then why not just add a Paypal donation link?

Would that not do the same thing?

So when you are misleading your so called friends, you really shouldn’t throw a hissy fit if they happen to criticise your fraud!











3 Thoughts to “JackieLee Upsets Scruffy”

  1. Lardass

    Scrubby is a POS

  2. The_Maze

    Scruffy cant handle the truth, its a scam her and Marks VIP set up, all you get is a little orange VIP badge/emblem/tab whatever you want to call it.

  3. Ben the Bastard

    She has a point though, all donations are going to Marks personal accessories rather than being spent on his site. That’s not on.. I wouldn’t have that either..

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