The Move To Ivlog Continues

Well it looks like the Vaughn’s ‘you need us more than we need you’ attitude is backfiring like a good old 1976 Ford exhaust.

Take a look at the top bar on the people tab now, and there is about as much appeal as RealmanPwns thigh cheese on toast.

Lets take a look at the latest casters to move to Ivlog.

applecandyfruity on ivlog

applecandyfruity on ivlog1

Coffeetime joins ivlog

Coffeetime joins ivlog1

But hey, remember Mark said that the people casters were only 8% of his traffic, so i’m sure he won’t be bothered 😉

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3 Thoughts to “The Move To Ivlog Continues”

  1. Pikeman

    Hello Karl

    Anychance you can kind of clarify why this exodus is happening as i am slightly confused tbh, because as far as i can understand it’s either over the adverts suddenly happeneing (And people not being happy about the vaughns revenue) OR that because of the treatment by the vaughns of “X” caster/casters because of what they said or did not say.

    The thing that i do not like about this exodus is that the bs and drama that is indeed being caused by it all, look at jimmy rizzo and his hanger-ons, last night (monday) Jimmy set’s up a new channel on vaughn so that he can lay into mark and lynne vaughn.
    Now i am not an supporter of the vaughns at all BUT if anyone looks upto a man (Jimmy Rizzo) who on purpose is trying to antagonise the vaughns by calling scruffy a whore,prostitute (yes i know they are the same!!) and repeatedly says he is/wants to fuck her, well HE IS bang out of order.

    I know this is only the interwebz, and we all like to have a lulz every now and then, but seeing jimmy and the people associated with him do stuff like this, well it would want to make want stay as far a way from this manipulating bully that is Jimmy Rizzo.

    But I guess there are some many people who have blinkers on whom can not see this! 🙁

  2. I agree, Rizzo goes overboard whenever he tries to make a point, and that’s putting it mildly lol.

    All this has been brewing for a long time to be honest. I’ve wrote a couple of posts on here from months ago, explaining how Mark and Lynn need to take a step back. But it’s got worse, rather than better.

    It’s gone from Scruffy posting as a guest in people’s casts, then when the caster bans the guest, Scruffy signs in and bans the caster….bizarre, but true. Then we had the crazy rule that anyone talking to a banned user on Skype would be banned themselves. This in theory could work if every time they banned somebody, then made a list and updated it for everyone to see. But no, they refused to do that, so you were literally clueless as to who was banned and who wasn’t, or who had been banned but then unbanned. It was just mad.

    Then realising that it just wasn’t working at all, they changed the rules again, so that you COULD have a banned person on your Skype call, but….you would be’ shuffled’ although it wasn’t being shuffled as such, it was you would put to the end of the bar until they felt you had been punished enough, or begged enough, to let your channel feature normally.

    At this point, i was just losing faith in what, in my eyes, was by far the best webcam broadcasting site out there. My beloved Vaughn was becoming a circus.

    But i think what really pushed a lot of people over the edge recently was a combination of those annoying ads on the screen, which made embedding your cast anywhere pointless. This is why Choppers left and took his show to Uvlog.

    Another big thing was the trolling of Warrrbuck. Now whether you like Warrr or hate the guy, everybody knows he gets wound up very easy. So when Scruffy decided she was going to start unbanning chatters who Warrr banned, then when his Mods banned them again, Scruffy unbans them, you know Warrr’s blood pressure is going to go through the roof.

    But hey, she didn’t stop there. To antagonise him further, she then starts spamming his chat non stop. Now as i’m watching this, Warrr must of asked her very politely to stop several times.When she didn’t, he called her a bitch etc and instead of her taking it as just somebody annoyed at her trolling and moving on, Mark then decides to hijack the cast, and rather hypocritically tells Warrr to behave.

    At this point, even the most loyal were looking and thinking ‘wtf has happened to this site’

    And finally the issue of nearly daily downtime. Yes, it’s free to use, but when there are so many chat and video server crashes, then people get fed up. To make it worse, it’s Marks refusal to ever admit that it could be HIS mistakes causing it. I mean come on, go and have a look at the website that Mark uses for his video servers and just check what specs they are, assuming he’s using the top of the range ones, and then tell me that it’s the servers that are causing problems everyday…

    But hey, we don’t know anything according to Mark, the fault lies with our ‘dinosaur’ pc’s or the server vendors don’t know how to code, or it’s because SexyChris shaved his eyebrows… always anybody’s fault, except Marks.

    The arrogance of the man is just astonishing. So from what i’ve seen, it’s not people just being sheep and following the leader so to speak, but people watching VaughnLive and seeing it being destroyed, day by day from it’s own management.

  3. Pikeman

    Evening Karl

    Well if it’s a case of the vaughn’s egos ruining the enjoyment of others i think there should be 3 options .
    i)Sit back and let a group of people (who are trustworthy and unbiased in alot of things) to do the admin work and what have you just like jtv did!
    ii)Cut their losses and sell the site and/or business to someone who would might do a better job.
    iii) Shut down the servers and site which would ruin it for a lot of people.

    Like i said before i have known for years that vaughnlive was to be an alternative to JTV, and alot of people did jump ship because of this and that (just like now) but sometimes if people want to protest about the way that they are handling affairs or the site, is not to go elsewhere but to show their frustrations and ideas without being rude,un-constructive and idiotic.

    Now for that to happen, the vaughns would need to listen and take the rough with the smooth with what be said and suggested at the end of the day, tbh i do not think that something like that would happen in reality.

    Regarding the adverts, i have no issues with seeing some adverts now and again on VL, we get them elsewhere On 95% of websites and even on Ivlog too i see, nfact last night when watching Menellie (and i shit you not!) I had adverts for russian and thai dating sites!

    And with Rizzo,well i think having that super-duper sound mixer and microphone which might have a bit of major bass boost adjustment just makes him even more domineering and controlling,even if he does make an arse of himself in doing so! 😉

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